Store Policies

We are happy to have you and greatly appreciate your business! The policies below are in place to protect you and us. If you would like your own copy of our policies then please ask one of the retail staff to make you one:

Special Ordering Livestock
We require a 50% deposit on livestock based on its retail value no matter how small the price. We will issue you a gift card in the amount of your deposit. You may then use the gift card at any time towards any item in our store (dry goods or livestock) or you can wait to use it towards the livestock you special ordered. We will attempt to order your item(s) for 30 days (or longer if requested). Any livestock with a retail value over $150 will require the owner’s approval before accepting the deposit (may be subject to a larger deposit and other terms). 

Special Ordering Dry Goods
We require that the item be paid in full before we order it for you. We will attempt to order your item(s) for 30 days. If at the end of 30 days we cannot obtain your item(s) then we will issue you a full refund in the method you originally used to pay for the item(s).

Holding Dry Goods or Livestock
We require full payment for any items we have in stock. You have 7 calendar days to pick the item(s) up from the store once you have put your deposit down. If you do not pick the item up within 7 calendar days or it is not available for any other reason when you come to pick it up, then you will be issued a gift card in the full amount of the purchase price of the item. Please be aware that we will not offer a refund in cash or credit card when holding dry goods or livestock in the event the item(s) are not available when you come to pick them up.

Credit for Livestock
Store credit only. We hold the livestock at your risk for up to 7 days, then make an offer (typically ⅓ of retail value). If you decline our offer, you have one business day to pick it up, otherwise it is for sale. All store credit expires after 1 year.

Returning healthily livestock bought from Capital Aquarium
This is the same as being issued credit for livestock purchased at Capital Aquarium or elsewhere. See “Credit for Livestock” above.

Livestock Guarantee
You have 48 hours from the purchase of livestock to make a claim. All livestock guarantees are on a case by case evaluation by the owner because of the number of variables involved. Once you have notified the Capital Aquarium staff of your interest to obtain credit for deceased livestock you will receive a response within 48 hours. If credit is issued it will be in the form of a gift card. We ask that you provide a picture of the deceased livestock, your receipt, and a water sample.

Dry Good Refunds
We will only refund you within 2 business days of your purchase and only if you have the receipt and the package is unopened and undamaged. If the item you bought is not functional then please contact the manufacturer first. If you are unable to get the manufacturer to refund or replace the item then please let us know and we will see what we can do. All refunds are issued in the form of a gift card. We will accept no other form of store credit (verbal, etc.,). All store credit expires after one year.

Multiple discounts cannot be applied to a sale. For example, you cannot use a Veteran Discount with your loyalty program discount on the same sale.

Gift Cards
Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of credit other than store credit. We reserve the right to expire all gift cards 5 years from their purchase date. Gift cards are discounted 25% a year from the date that they are issued. We are not responsible for lost gift cards and cannot reissue them. Store credit cannot be used to special order livestock or dry goods. 

Water Testing
All water testing is $2 per test. Salinity test is free. We offer PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium.