Privacy Policy

Even though Facebook doesn’t protect your data, they still require us to have a “Privacy Policy” (someone must have made them do this since they obviously don’t know what it means). So, this is our privacy policy.

We just want to make you successful as an aquarist. That’s it. That’s what we do. We’re good at it and we don’t want to jeopardize your trust by spamming you or doing anything else, such as what Facebook secretly did to everyone (even people who don’t have Facebook pages). We will follow their lead as a prime example of what not to do. We don’t share your data. That’s pretty simple. This whole policy is just to allow a WordPress Plugin to look at our public posts, WHICH ARE ALREADY PUBLICLY POSTED, that’s it. But, Facebook has to make something as simple as that this complicated, of course. So, here we are not working on aquariums because Facebook wants you to think they care about privacy (LOL!).